Episode IV

A New Bloke

It is a period of great unrest. Faerun is in turmoil following a plot by the Cult of Dragon to bring draconic rule to the realm. Along the Sword Coast the cult was repelled – however the city of Phlan remains under the rule of a tyrannical ancient green dragon. Foiled but not destroyed, the Cult of the Dragon has retreated to hidden bases, striking at easy targets whilst they regroup in the wake of their defeat.

During these events, a group of mighty heroes in the Moonsea put an end to an attempted invasion by the spider queen Lloth. The heroes won following a terrible battle, restoring peace to the Moonsea. However, the region is heavily weakened and trade with the Sword Coast has been greatly disrupted.

In Daggerford, a band of adventurers thought lost have re-emerged reporting a tyrant ruling over a beleaguered people in a hidden land. Able to assassinate the brutal oppressor and free the people of Barovia, along with an archmage of great repute, the adventurers are enjoying some modicum of respite and fame in Daggerford whilst they recuperate…

Storm King's Thunder

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